It is indeed a matter of jubilation to note that our institution is entering its 20 year. We have cornea long way since its inception in 1993. I take immense pleasure to be a part of these celebrations and would like to congratulate the management, all past Principals, faculty &staff who have put in a lot of hard work to bring SSCHM to its present stature. Today SSCHM is reckoned as one of the finest Hospitality Schools of the country, with students seeking admissions from all corners of the country. We are proud to place in record the enrolment of foreign students and 3000alunvv members spread across the globe, cotupyWg prestigious positions in reputed organisations.

VIBGYOR ‘Colours of Journey called life. As George Bernard Shaw said, “life isn’t about

finding yoursed Life is about creating yourser,and this is exactly what we make achievable at SSCHM. We provide that platform rom where the student discovers his potential and emerges with vibrant colours. The institute is that subtle ray of sun that helps conquer negativity and hopelessness and nourishes confidence and poise to face this highly challenging and competittve wodd. Our endeavour Is to facilitate the students to occupy a better place in this modern world at the same time retain the beauty of the mind and soul.

Swami Vivekananda said, “Eduction Is the manifestation of perfection already in man” and we strongly believe in this mantra. At SSOIM the teachings prow* life building, man and character making so as to develop the student into an integrated person. The faculty only assist the process of self realisation, Identifying the perfectness within, and to bring out the strengths. It makes the students courageous,confident,and tostand Cadet al times.

I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman for his pioneering accomplishments, the Director for her invariable direction, the Executive Dsrector for her unconditional support and encouragement, the Faculty for aclueving the objectives and goals of the college. our staff for theW admirable backend support and olcourse the students for theirenthusiasm,vitallty,and dedication to learn,experimentIngand creativity.